How to Support Us

How to Support Us

If you are keen to see a Lidl in Herne Bay please show your support for the application in two ways:

  1. Visit: Our petition site and sign our online petition
  2. Write a support letter or send a support email, and send copies to and/or telephone your local Ward Councillors. Please send letters to Development Control, Canterbury City Council, F.A.O. Chris Pragnell. The letter heading should read “Proposed Lidl Foodstore – Thanet Way, Herne Bay – ref CA//18/02242”.

The online petition will demonstrate the overall level of support for the Lidl application. However, personal letters/emails/phone calls of support will carry significantly more weight. To give the Lidl application the best chance of success, please help us by voicing your support.

Letters or emails need not be long, but should concentrate on ‘planning issues’ to be the most effective. Example ‘planning issues’ are outlined on the Reasons to Support Us page.

Please write to us and (if possible) send copies to and/or telephone your local Councillors (addresses and contact details can be found via the Councillor Contacts link).

Email us at and (if possible) copy in (cc) and/or telephone your Ward Councillors. The subject should be “Proposed Lidl Foodstore – Thanet Way, Herne Bay”.

If you do not support our draft proposals you can still email us at with any comments that you wish to make.